Center for Global Development

    The Center for Global Development serves as a center for research on issues regarding international development. Drawing upon its network of international specialists as well as its own faculty, staff, and researchers, the activities promoted and offered by the Center include the M.A. in Global Development and Social Justice, intensive certificate programs, internships, and conferences and symposia, as well as joint ventures and projects with other organizations.

    The Center's mission is to invest in educational programs and activities to promote the common good and the advancement of the human community where the dignity of the human person is at the foundation of every process of development. Human nature is relational, and our responsibility is to further educate people about the process of relational sharing. Building a global community, through projects of social intervention, welfare and development will not fail, if it is grounded on dialogical opening.

    The term “global” not only encompasses social, cultural and economic structures and processes that foster human progress, but also an awareness of interdependence between people and among nations. This interdependence comes with the responsibility of building a civil society based on a culture of solidarity and social justice. Development, to be authentic, as Pope Paul VI emphasized, must foster human well being, but also each person’s spiritual and moral development.

    Additional Information

    The minor in Global Development and Sustainability requires the successful completion of 18 credits, including the following:

    • ANT/RCT 1155
    • ECO 3346
    • GDS 1000
    • GDS 2000
    • GOV 3850
    • One language course at the 3000 level

    Please note that students must complete ECO 1302 to be eligible to enroll in ECO 3346.

    Joyce Lawlor
    Coordinator, M.A. Global Development & Social Justice
    Associate Dean and Pre-Law Advisor
    St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

    Joanne Heiser
    Academic Support Assistant

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    Center for Global Development
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    8000 Utopia Parkway
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