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The College’s Academic Success Center (ASC) was developed to provide academic support to enhance student success in the various programs offered by...

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The Department of Clinical Health Professions (CHP) teaches students the knowledge, attitudes and skills required for contemporary clinical pharmacy...

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Focusing on the discovery and design of potentially life-saving drugs and treatments, Pharmaceutical Science is critical to the improvement of health...

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St. John's University acquired Saint Vincent Catholic Medical Centers School of Allied Health Professions in Fresh Meadows in March of 2007. The 40...

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St. John’s University’s Emergency Medical Services institute provides quality training to Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) who treat a cross-section of patients primarily in pre-hospital settings. Paramedics and EMTs perform a number of medical services and are an integral part to the health care team.

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Improving the Way We Live From new medications to genetics, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries harness biological processes to meet our...

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St. John’s CPHS serves the needs of its diverse community while upholding its mission rooted in the Vincentian tradition of a “deep concern for the...

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Welcome to the Department of Pharmacy Administration and Public Health in College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences at St John’s University. St. John’s...

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