CPHS Student Organizations

2022-2023 Organizations

Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP)

Faculty Advisor: Rajesk Nyack, Ph.D.
Ellen Dong, President           ellen.dong18@stjohns.edu
Faizah Sheikh, Vice President     faizah.sheikh19@stjohns.edu

American Pharmacist Association- Academy Student Pharmacist (APhA-ASP)

Faculty Advisor: Jennifer Bhuiyan, Pharm.D.
Debika Kundu, President       debika.kundu18@stjohns.edu
Sarah Adly, Vice President     sarah.adly18@stjohns.edu

American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS)

Faculty Advisor:  Nitesh Kunda, Ph.D.   
Mimansa Goyal, Chair           mimansa.goyal18@stjohns.edu
Mural Quadros, Vice Chair    mural.quadros21@stjohns.edu   

American Association of Psychiatric Pharmacist (AAPP)

Faculty Advisor: Sarah Smith, Pharm.D.
Raya Keir, President                      raya.keir19@stjohns.edu
Daya Biju, Vice President              daya.biju19@stjohns.edu

American Society of Consultant Pharmacy (ASCP)

Faculty Advisor: Judith L. Beizer, Pharm.D.
Kristen Mathew, President              Kristen.mathew18@stjohns.edu
Michele Mathew, Vice President     michele.mathew19@stjohns.edu          

Biomedical Sciences Student Organization

Faculty Advisor: Aaron Muth, Ph.D.
Joel Lee, President                         joel.lee21@stjohns.edu
Isabel Clarke, Vice President         isabel.clarke19@stjohns.edu

Drug Information Association (DIA)

Faculty Advisory: Maha Saad, Pharm.D.
Sharon Joseph, President              sharon.joseph18@stjohns.edu
Sophia Aziz, Vice President            sophia.aziz18@stjohns.edu        

Industrial Pharmacy Organization (IPhO)

Faculty Advisor: Somnath Pal, Ph.D.
Holly Nguyen, President              holly.nguyen18@stjohns.edu
Sharupa Azmal, Vice President   sharupa.azmal20@stjohns.edu

International Society for Pharmaeconomic and Outcomes Research (ISPOR)

Faculty Advisor:  Wenchen Wu, Ph.D.

Kappa Psi

Faculty Advisor: William Maidhof, Pharm.D.
Shakhzoda Rakhimova, President        shakhzoda.rakhimova18@stjohns.edu
Hanna Song, Vice President                 hanna.song18@stjohns.edu 

Lambda Kappa Sigma (LKS)

Faculty Advisor: Damary Torres, Pharm.D.
Ashley Medina, President                       ashley.medina19@stjohns.edu
Julia Otruba, Vice President                    julia.otruba19@stjohns.edu

National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA)

Faculty Advisor: Wenchen Wu, Ph.D.
Ellen Yi, President                                   ellen.yi17@stjohns.edu
Dimitrios Alexopoulos, President-Elect   dimitrios.alexopoulos19@stjohns.edu       

Organization for the Advancement of Women in Healthcare Leadership (OWHL)

Daniella Camporeale, President             daniella.camporeale19@stjohns.edu
Laura Pham, Vice President                   laura.pham19@stjohns.edu

Phi Delta Chi (PDC)

Faculty Advisor:  Joseph V. Etzel, Pharm.D.
Alper Ozdemir, President                      alper.ozdemir19@stjohns.edu
Raymond Malgioglio, Vice President    raymond.malgioglio19@stjohns.edu

Phi Lambda Sigma (PLS)

Faculty Advisor: Joseph Brocavich, Pharm.D.
Kevin Kim, President                             kevin.kim18@stjohns.edu
Jonathan Bishop, Vice President           jonathan.bishop18@stjohns.edu

Physician Assistant Student Organization

Faculty Advisor: Alyssa Quinlan, M.S.             
Izabela Horzempa, President                izabela.horzempa20@stjohns.edu
Kaileen Murray, Vice President             kaileen.murray20@stjohns.edu

Public Health Student Organization 

Faculty Advisor: Yolene Gousse, DrPH, MPH
Jeel Trivedi, President                           jeel.trivedi20@stjohns.edu
Paige Seibert, Vice President               paige.seibert21@stjohns.edu

Radiologic Sciences Student Organization

Faculty Advisor:  Mary Jo Perry
Genyiah Stevens, President                 genyiah.stevens20@stjohns.edu
Kaley Hylton, Vice President                 kaley.hylton19@stjohns.edu

Rho Chi

Faculty Advisor: Elsen C. Jacob, Pharm.D.
Vassilia Plakas, President                     vassilia.plakas18@stjohns.edu
Frances Dela Cruz, Vice President       frances.dela18@stjohns.edu 

Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA)

Faculty Advisor:  Manouchkathe Cassagnol, Pharm.D.
Riya Vinoy, President                     riya.vinoy18@stjohns.edu     
Nixa Bose, Vice President              nixa.bose18@stjohns.edu

Student College of Clinical Pharmacy (SCCP)

Faculty Advisor:  Sharon See, Pharm.D.
Nadin Mostafa, President                     nadin.mostafa17@stjohns.edu     
Erica Kohen, Vice President                 erica.kohen18@stjohns.edu

Student Pharmacist Society of the State of New York (SPSSNY)

Faculty Advisor:  Emily Ambizas, Pharm.D.
Peter Chung, President                        Peter.chung18@stjohns.edu
Steffan Chugh, Vice President             steffan.chugh19@stjohns.edu

Student Society of Health-System Pharmacy (SSHP)

Faculty Advisor: Chung-Shien Lee, Pharm.D. 
Blanche Palasi, President                    blanche.palasi18@stjohns.edu
Victoria Perez, Vice President             victoria.perez19@stjohns.edu

Student Society of Pediatric Pharmacy (SSPP)

Faculty Advisor: Gladys El-Chaar
Kelly Lavery, President                       Kelly.lavery18@stjohns.edu
Nicole Zielinski, Vice President          nicole.zielinski19@stjohns.edu

Tau Omega Chi

Faculty Advisor:  Diane Hardej, Ph.D.
Zara Marsh, President                       zara.marsh19@stjohns.edu
Nicole Batko, Vice President             nicole.batko19@stjohhs.edu

New CPHS Student Organization Application process

Any proposals for new student organization will require that the following questions be completed and sent to College’s Division of Student Affairs for review. Please complete the following questions on a word document.

1.      Discuss your purpose and vision behind the establishment of the new student organization.

2.      Would this organization be addressing a gap or need within the pharmacy and/or health sciences student population?

3.      Would any of the currently SGI recognized, or college recognized organization be able to address this the need or gap that exists? All student organizations are listed on the College’s webpage.

4.      If this organization were to be approved, it should aim to provide educational and professional development opportunities. Please provide a potential list of speakers or topics that would be held by the organization.

5.     At the national level, would you student organization be under a professional organization? If so, can you please provide the link to the organization and information about the professional organization mission and goals.  

6.      Have or will you be sending a student survey to the College to determine if there is student interest in this organization?

7.    If this organization were to be approved on a probationary status, who would serve as the organization’s faculty advisor? Please note that only full-time CPHS faculty members can serve in this capacity.

Once the information is provided, the Student Organization proposal will be reviewed by the Dr. Joseph V. Etzel, Associate Dean of Student Affairs at (etzelj@stjohns.edu) and Diana J. Patino, Assistant Director for Administration and Student Activities and the Dean of the College at (patinocd@stjohns.edu). A decision will be rendered within 10-15 business days.