COVID-19 Employee Information

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While the world and our nation are in a better position today than earlier in the pandemic, COVID-19 remains a challenge, and health guidance and resources continue to adapt and update. As vaccination, boosters and treatments allow us to protect our University community better, St. John’s, its employees, and students can once again operate without disruption to our daily lives. To ensure our employees have the support and guidance they need to navigate COVID-19 related issues, Human Resources has consolidated information to this website.

f you test positive for COVID-19, regardless of your vaccination status, do not come to campus – fill out the Notification Form and check your St. John’s email for further instructions from Human Resources.  If you have been exposed to COVID-19 virus, fill out the Notification Form and check your email for further instructions.

Coronavirus Posters Keeping St. John's Healthy



3/02 University Mask Guidance Update Effective March 7, 2022

1/13 Booster Requirement Guidance

1/03 COVID-19 Updates and Booster Requirement


10/12 Updated Mask Guidance for Vaccinated Faculty

7/19 Vaccine Requirements for Employees

5/26 Updated Mask Guidance - Summer 2021

5/19 Updated COVID-19 Guidance

5/12 Family Members 12 and Older Eligible for On-Campus COVID-19 Vaccine

4/30 Family Members of Employees Eligible for On-Campus COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments

4/21 COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement for Fall 2021

2/8 HR Updates and Reminders

1/26 Returning to Campus for Spring Semester

1/13 A Message from the Return to Campus Task Force


11/17 December and January Work Arrangements 

9/30 Academic Calendar Changes – Spring, 2021

9/14 Fall Reopening Update

9/11 Returning to Work amidst COVID-19 Employee Training Webinar and Resources

8/27 Entering and Exiting Queens Campus

8/20 Gatherings and Events

8/13 St. John’s Launches “Return to Campus” Website

8/5 Preparing for Your Return to Campus

7/24 Support Our Student Community

7/15 Return to Campus Task Force: Preparing for the Fall Semester Plan

6/23 Employee COVID-19 Health and Wellness Screening

6/23 Plan for Gradual Return to Campus – Summer 2020

6/16 Academic Calendar Changes - Fall 2020

5/28 Return to Campus – Employees with Health Concerns

5/27 Planning for the Fall 2020 Semester

5/13 Summer Schedule

5/1 Return to Campus Task Force

4/27 HR Updates, Resources and Reminders

4/24 Information Security Updates

4/8 A Message from the President

4/8 COVID-19 Related Financial Assistance for Employees

4/6 Caring for Yourself during COVID-19

3/27 Tips for Working Remotely

3/24 COVID-19 and Bias

3/16 Transition to a Remote Workforce and Workplace

3/13 Urgent Coronavirus Update

3/12 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

3/9 Important Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

3/8 CORRECTED DATES – Coronavirus Updates (COVID-19)

2/27 Coronavirus Update